Christine has been dealing with “triple negative” breast cancer since 2010. Since then her cancer mutated to HER2 positive and she is now getting an immunotherapy treatment HER2 targeted. Along the way she has had surgery, radiation and extensive infused and oral chemotherapies. Today she is living well and, as she says, “having the time of my life” with her husband and two young sons. What has propelled her is becoming a powerful patient and, especially as an e-patient, trying to make a difference for others. In her home country she coordinates Facebook and Twitter communications as a social media and community specialist for women with breast cancer as well as an online group for parents of children on the autism spectrum. Her work caught the eye of two university hospitals where she helps coordinate e-patient activity and train staff on the needs of today’s more empowered patients and family members. Christine is thrilled to be working with others to help patients connecting online get the care they need and deserve.

Interview with Christine (English)

Interview with Christine (French)