Patient Meetings

Following the success of the Town Meetings hosted by our American partner organization (the Patient Empowerment Network), the Patient Empowerment Foundation is planning to run a series of Local Community Meetings throughout the EU.

These meetings will consist of a 5-hour interactive live patient forum, and will take place at large cancer-specific medical centers. The meetings will include: a panel discussion with expert physicians, patient advocates, social workers and patients; break-out sessions allow patients to connect and share stories with other patients and the expert panelists; and a Q&A session at the end of the program to allow the live audience (and the online audience) a chance to ask pertinent questions to the panelists.

The meetings will be streamed live to an online audience. During the break-out sessions, a designated “online-host”, present at the live meeting, will interview panelists and patients specifically for the online audience, much like a TV show. Online viewers will be able to ask the panelists questions by messaging the online host, who will then ask the questions during the Q&A session.

From the experience in the US, participant surveys following these meetings are overwhelmingly positive. Attendees are enthusiastic about the format which allows them to learn a lot from the panel, ask questions during the Q&A session, and meet other patients with the same cancer condition during the breakout sessions.

List of Upcoming Meetings

To be confirmed – check back shortly