The Patient Empowerment Foundation is a Geneva based, registered charitable foundation (CHE-301.369.308), established to support the education and empowerment of patients, family members and caregivers affected by cancer and other chronic diseases.

Please support us and give us your voice. Join our Patient Empowerment Movement to educate and support patients so that they can take control of their health and learn how to live and how to cope with their illnesses. Partner with us and help us to spread the word.

Knowledge is power and power brings patients the confidence and strength to help them through their “journey” with their illness. Help us help others gain this strength. Through donations and unrestricted grants, we are able to support the production materials and outreach programs. We offer patients a place to find organizations, support groups, advocacy groups, patient opinion leaders and others dedicated to our mission of patient empowerment. We offer inspiration from powerful patients who are in the know and want to help others. Please join us in our mission!



This site provides general information. Please talk to your own doctor to make healthcare decisions that are right for you.