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Best HealthCare Accessory: Your Smartphone!

Eric Topol, cardiologist, author, chief medical advisor for AT&T and mHealth activist and guru, was the keynote speaker for last week’s HealthLeaders CFO Exchange. During the hour that he spoke, Topol gave his argument on why the smartphone would be the healthcare accessory of the near future. According to a recent article in HealthLeadersMedia, Topol explained to the audience how healthcare is already reaching consumers directly through their smartphone. Topol gave the examples of Medicast  and Pager which allow patients to schedule house calls from doctors. Topol also talked about Mayo Clinic’s Better service  which advertises, ...

Robin Williams’ Death: A Message About Depression

We were all shocked by the sudden loss of actor and comedian Robin Williams. Just today I had breakfast with an old friend from Marin County, California. She went to high school with Robin and would run into him often in her home town of Tiburon. People in that area knew him and his family. I even once attended a party with his mother. But whether you lived in the Bay Area or not, Robin Williams’ death too soon seemed personal, as he made us laugh for so many years. Last night, our family, during a reunion, re-watched “Good Morning Vietnam.” He was an incredible talent. Robin Williams didn’t die of natural causes. He died by taking his own ...

Patient Opinion Leaders: How Important Are They for Pharma?

In the following video, Andrew Schorr talks to the pharmaceutical industry about Patient Opinion Leaders and their role in educating and empowering other patients. The video was first published on pharmaphorum. Andrew is a contributor to the pharmaphorum report, 'Patient Opinion Leaders: The new KOLs for pharma?' Watch and listen!

Spotlight on Seattle Cancer Care Alliance: Photos From the Recent CLL Event

Spotlight on Patient Power: Let’s Have More Dialogue!

  It has become abundantly clear that patients with cancer find great value in knowing they are not alone and having active dialogue with other patients. I know it helped me back in 1996 when I was diagnosed with chronic lymphocytic leukemia and continues to help me today. But I am in a great spot in communications and get to meet other patients all the time. Many others hardly know anyone else. That’s why we are stepping up our efforts to connect Patient Power audiences with each other, per condition. We are doing this in several ways: 1. We are producing more in-person town meetings and building in extra time during these Saturday ...